Nintendo 3DS Games

Buying games for your Nintendo 3DS is not really a difficult job. However, picking the right one can be confusing if you are new into the world of Nintendo 3DS games . Here, we will introduce to some of the popular games of the Nintendo 3DS gaming console and which one will be best for you.
Choosing the Right Nintendo 3DS Game
Before you start looking for games, it’s a good idea to decide the type of games you want to try. No matter what type of game or genre you are into, there is one game for everyone out there. For those who love classic RPGs can check out the popular Bravely Default or Fire Emblem Awakening. If you are fan of Zelda, there are lots of Zelda games to play. For those who love to play racing games can try Mario Kart 7, Need for Speed: The Run, Cars 2 and Ridge Racer 3D. There are tons of game for mystery lovers as well like Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton games.
If you are into serious adventure games: you can check out Zero Escape, Shin Megami, Myst and Kid Icarus. Some of these games offer great storyline while some offer attractive graphics. For those who love to play strategy games can check out the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and Battleship. Just make sure the game you are purchasing is for Nintendo 3DS and you don’t have to worry about compatibility anymore. Some of the classic Mario games are also available for the Nintendo 3DS. If you love playing strategy, RPG, action and adventure games, it won’t be too difficult for you now to pick a Nintendo 3DS game in Cairo.
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