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It is believed that it’s possible to judge a man by looking at his shoes. You can’t call someone a detail person if he pairs a nice dress or suit with a cheap shoe. Choosing poor shoes not only can lead to discomfort but also injury if you are not careful. However, choosing the right men shoes in Cairo can be difficult among all the shoes out there. Here, we have gathered some tips and tricks to help you buy the right men shoes in Egypt. Choosing the Right Men Shoes
If you are looking for that one shoe that will look good with almost everything, it’s the black lace up shoes you are looking for. It goes perfectly with almost everything from suits to jeans. It’s also important that you don’t sacrifice your comfort for style. Go for the shoe with perfect fit even if it requires more money or time. You might think that people doesn’t pay much attention to the bottom part of your feet, but it’s the sole that takes most of the pounding. So make sure you choose the right sole if you want your shoes to last for a long time. Make sure you also take proper care of your shoes once you done buying men shoes in Egypt.

If you are thinking about buying slip ons which looks nice with suits as well, look for tassel loafers, moccasins or monk straps. If you are looking for casual men shoes in Cairo, you can try saddle shoe. The leather layer on top of the shoes makes it look quite casual and stylish. To prevent slipping when on a boat, you can try boat shoes or top siders. If you are looking for something in between dress shoes and canvas shoes, go for leather loafers. When buying boots , try to avoid bright colored or flashy ones. When buying suede shoes, remember that you have to take care of them properly if you want them to last for a long time. Following these tips can help you to find the right men shoes in Egypt.
Comparing Prices
The price of men shoes in Cairo mostly differs because of the material, brand, sole, type and sometimes size as well. To help you find the best deal on shoes, we offer here a way to compare the price of men shoes from different stores.

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The Men Shoes category on pricena has more than 10954 products and 89 brands ,sold by 10 Stores. The prices of Men Shoes in Egypt range from EGP 49 to EGP 22710. The most popular brands are Converse, Rimini, Caterpillar, TOWN, Shoes. You can refine the search results of Men Shoes products by using advanced filters by brand, price range, store, Shoe Size, Size Category.. The most popular Men Shoes products on pricena are Converse Navy Fashion Sneakers For, Converse Black Flat For Unisex, Rimini 2480 02 Shoes For, Town Team Casual Moccasins -, Town Team Bi-Tone Loafers -
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