TV & Video in Egypt

Are you looking to buy a TV ? There are different technologies powering TV screens: Plasma, LCD, LED. The quality increases in that order. Typically, an LED TV offers better quality than LCD or Plasma. When choosing a TV, you want to decide on the screen size, but more importantly the contrast that the screen offers. However, if you mostly use your TV for watching movies, you can think about buying projectors too. The higher the contrast the better the quality. For example, Plasma screens offer the poorest contrast, while LED screen have the highest. Reputable brands known for producing the best TVs are LG , Samsung and Sony , but you will find good quality TVs as well from other brands.

LG 32LJ520U Full HD TV
LG 32LJ520U Full HD TV
Tiger R-2150 - Subwoofer System With Super Bass Sound
Universal For Apple TV 4 4th Gen Media Player Wall Mount Case Bracket Holder Stand Cradle
Canon LV-WX320 Projector
NEC DLP Projector - V302X
DVD Player Cinema Plus DVP2880 - Philips
إسطوانات بلوراى قابلة للطباعة سعة 25 جيجا
Astra 10300 HD Max Satellite Receiver
LG Party Pack 3D Glasses Set of Four, AG-F315
Unitex Ussa-80Eu Amplifier - Black
Behringer Eurocom 9 Input Integrated Mixer Amplifier- MA4000M