Groceries in Egypt

Large Feteer
Kaiser Bread With Cheese - 5 Pieces
Sunshine Diet Tuna Chunks - 170gm
Freyma'S Snacks Chicken 30 g
Fiji Grape Vinegar - 250 ml
Happy Mum Light Soy Sauce, 500 ml
Big Eggplants
Zamzam Crushed Beans - 500 gm
Mentos Pure Fresh Chewing Gum - 15.75 grams
Trego Plus Oats & Peanut 12 Pieces
Ensure Complete and Balanced Nutrition Powder with Vanilla - 400 Grams
 Hero Baby Nutradefense 3
Royal Canin Persian Adult Dry Food for Cats - 4 kg
Blendy Herbal Tamarind Juice - 1 L
Dobella Basil Seeds with Orange Juice, 290 ml
Rene Cafe Espresso Decaffeinato 10 Capsules
caffe carraro Espresso Globo Oro 1kg whole beans
Mamma's Choice Pomme Allumette - 2.5 kg
Gem Chickpeas - 400 Grams
Alsuhagy Wheat, 500 g
Corona Gold Spread Chocolate - 180G
 BareOrganics CHIA SEEDS Raw Organic 16oz 454g by BareOrganics
APRICOT PITS 2lb 907g by Apricot Power
Elmatbakh Elmasry Penne Rigate Pasta, 400 gm
Nahrain Basmati Rice - 2 KGrams
Lamar Almond Milk - 1 Liter
Tambo Fat Filled Milk Powder - 800 gm
Greenland Feta Cheese: Light - 250 gm
French Emmental Cheese