Christian Dior in Egypt

Christian Dior, mostly known by people as Dior, is one of the top fashion houses in the world with a long history and the creator of the famous haute-couture. While people mostly recognize this brand for fragrances and women’s offerings, the company also manufactures children’s wear and have a separate division for men.

All About Christian Dior Products

The first perfume that managed to attract the attention of people is Miss Dior that was launched way back in 1947. It’s still available and offers modern fragrance that includes notes of rose, jasmine, sandalwood and oak moss. Poison is another popular fragrance lineup of Christian Dior that lasts for a really long time and includes woods, jasmine, almond and a touch of amber. One of the latest and popular perfume from Christian Dior is J’adore. Taking inspiration from its long list of popular line-ups and variants, J’adore offers a combination of fruity and floral scent. For men, there is a popular cologne titled as Fahrenheit. Like other Dior perfumes, this one is also popular for lasting a long time and includes sandalwood and honeysuckle. Besides perfumes, Christian Dior manufactures makeup products as well. Most of their perfume bottles are shaped in a unique way and are available in different sizes of eau de parfum and eau de toilette. If you want to date the perfume, check the batch code. If the label reads “Dior”, it was definitely manufactured after the year 2000. Checking the serial numbers and control is a good way to understand whether the perfume is fake or not. Other popular Dior products are: sunglasses, bag and lipstick.
Brand details on pricena
The Christian dior brand on pricena has more than 701 products in Personal Care & Beauty, Men Perfumes, Women Perfumes, Women Jewellery, Men Shoes, Men Sports Shoes, Men T-Shirts & Vests, Men Sportswear, Men Underwear & Socks, Men Sunglasses, Women Shoes, Women Comfort Shoes, Women Dresses, Women Pants & Leggings, Women Lingerie & Nightwear, Women Jackets & Coats, Women Accessories, Women Sunglasses, Comics & Graphic Novels, Makeup & Accessories, Skincare, Women Hair care, Girls Accessories, Women Handbags, Women Rings, Foundation & Tinted Moisturizer, Unisex Perfumes, Reading Glass & Frames, Brushes & Accessories categories. The prices of Christian dior products in Egypt range from EGP 31.00 to EGP 238159.00.
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By comparing prices before you buy, you can achieve Average savings in this category of EGP 100 and up to EGP 496.
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