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10 May 2022
Online order
They have the worst customer service that could ever exist. They cancel orders on their own without informing the customers. They refused to deliver it to me until the 2nd of May (2 weeks after the initial delivery date that they cancelled) and funny enough we are now the 10th and they still haven't delivered it and called to ask me to pay cash when it all has already been paid for by Visa. Definitely do not recommend with their rude and useless customer service. Don't call yourself a company when you don't know how to communicate  read more
11 Nov 2021
LG TV 43” 4K
My experience with B.TECH online purchasing was not professional at all. I purchased a TV based on the delivery date that was the next day. It never arrived the next day and the day after, I received a call that it will be delivered in the morning. Couple of hours later, I received another call that they couldn’t find the address, and they are talking from a completely different tree by governerate!! I was told that I will have to wait till Saturday (3 days after promised delivery date). Customer support was useless and all they did was  read more
23 Oct 2021
Washmachine Aristone
If you install the washmachine yourself, you lost the garantie ! But nobody tell you who to ask for installation. I asked for a technician -> answer -> you have to look yourself
29 May 2021
Fresh Air Cooler
Don't do business with this company as much as you can: their 30 days return policy is fake. Simply, once the company put its hands on your money and deliver the product to you. Then, they don't care about a damaged or malfunctioning products when you issuing a return. Also the return is not available on the website to indicate the reason or to cancel the product, instead you have to call them soooo many times, and they Will not come pick-up the product from you, They want you to go to a nearest branch. Trust me,  read more
04 May 2021
Because B TECH is Ariston dealer
A very bad after sales service
05 Jan 2021
2 Grouhy Exhaust Ventilating fan
I placed my order at 17th Dec 2020 and after 10 days, I figured out that my order did not arrive yet, I talked to the customer service on 19966 and they kept telling me that some one from the HQ will call you tomorrow between 9am:5pm , and no one called me , and I called them again on the 19966, and so on for around 5 days and finally I figured out that they cancelled my order at 4th Jan 2021 and I did not know that, really they have a bad behaviour, customer service is not supportive and  read more
21 Dec 2020
Because they used to be good before.
 read more
22 Aug 2020
Absolutely terrible company . Item did not arrive on promised delivery date . Customer service were absolutely useless and couldn't tell me when it would be delivered . I would advise to use Souq.com where you can and avoid BTECH as the stress is just not worth it
25 Jun 2020
Mobile , home appliance
Very bad customer service , it is my first time to try this store , I placed an order on 6 June and I received it on 25 although they said 5-7 days and the Mobile I ordered was blue and I received it black , and every time I call to complaint they say we will contact u in 24 hrs for 3 times and no one ever called me back
07 Jun 2020
they cancel orders without reason and orders are not delivered for two times
12 Nov 2019
clothes washer
I ordered a washing machine online ,then the customer service contacted me via telephone for confirmation and telling me the date where i will receive the order but the order didn't arrive on date . The store didn't provide regular updates on my order status.When i called the customer support they told me u ordered online so u can only complain online ,ended the call with me rudely and when i called again the stupid automatic answer keeps repeating it self without allowing me to contact anyone from the shitty customer support service so i cancelled my order
22 Jul 2018
Air conditioning
Made order for carrier air conditioning 5 hp...it came one time. To install it a different crew came and discovered that the connection tubes dont match. Trying to call for support. ...long wait..was told that our information doesn't exist...these are a group of amateurs..I will never order anything from them again
22 Jun 2017
The order has been paced 9 days ago, and still not delivered, their sales representative never answer the calls, or even call back - trying to reach the concerned department but their contact numbers never answer the calls or replay to the email complain which sent to them Why my review still not published, you can make sure of my statement by calling B.TECH customer service and ask about the order status, my review will help others to avoid this situation and increase your creditability and trusts when recommending a seller.
04 Jun 2017
Very bad overall experience. and bad customer support.
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