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Sony PlayStation 4

by Sony
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Sony PlayStation 4 Price in Egypt

Sony PlayStation 4 1 TB - Black
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EGP 6798
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Sony PlayStation 4 1TB with extra DualShock 4
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EGP 4434.42
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Sony PlayStation 4 1TB Console - Black
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EGP 6499
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PS4 1TB + God of War
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EGP 6552
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Sony CUH-1216B 1TB PlayStation 4 jetblack , Black
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EGP 8500
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Review for Sony PlayStation 4

Sony-PlayStation-4-Official-ReleasePAL-PS4-Camera-Service-Warranty_147791_7b900d81cae9fa9dc6eb7e901d4b9fc4The new generation of video game consoles is upon us, and that’s great news for people of all ages. Both kids and adults love gaming, and the new iteration of the Playstation is certainly reason to get excited. The Playstation 4 is a real powerhouse, and it is actually slightly more powerful than its main competitor, the Xbox One. The system is extremely popular all over the world, including the Egypt, and sells out quickly, so you will want to buy one as soon as you see one available.

Powerful and Full of Features

The new console helps to close the gap between PCs and home consoles. The graphics are noticeably better and they will continue to improve when more and more developers learn how to use the architecture better.

The system features an AMD Radeon based graphics engine, 8 GB GDDR5 memory, and 500 GB of storage space. This seems like a lot of storage, but you have to install every game that you play. This can eat up space quickly, but you can always delete old games when you no longer play them, freeing up additional space. Of course, you can also change out the hard drive later for a larger one if you wish. The system features a Blu-ray and DVD drive, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB ports, and HDMI out port, and more. It supports HD output at 720p, 1080I and 1080p.

The system’s internal structure is not always exciting to players though. They want to know what the system can do for them. In addition to bringing home true next gen games, it offers the ability to easily record and share footage and screenshots from the games you play with Facebook and Twitter. You can also stream games live to Twitch and UStream. Users can also download apps to watch movies and television. They can connect to the Playstation Store to download games and add-ons instantly, and getting PS+ allows them to game online with people all around the world.

Remember the Accessories

Of course, if you plan to pick up a new PS4, remember that it only comes with a single controller. You may want to pick up another. Check out some of the other accessories for the system as well, including the charging station for the controller and the camera. Of course, if you plan to buy the system, then you will certainly want to pick up some games as well. Some of the top sellers out right now include Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Killzone: Shadowfall. New games are coming out all of the time as well, such as the PS4 exclusive, Infamous: Second Son.

The current best price for the system is EGP 8600 , and it is well worth the cost. With the games currently available, and the stellar games that are coming up for the system in the coming months and years, you can’t go wrong. If you are a game lover in Cairo, you will certainly want to have this system and plenty of games in your collection.

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Cheapest price for Sony PlayStation 4 in Egypt is EGP 4434 sold at G2A
No major price change compared to two weeks ago
Price has decreased 33% from EGP 6599 on 2016-10-18 to EGP 4434 today.

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