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SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds2 Earbuds with Charging Case, ANC and Sound Customization, Graphite, R177NZKAMEA, Small B09C12HYQ1 | Price updated 7 hours ago
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Review for Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung is trying to get into the wireless earbuds market for quite a while now but looks like they are on the right direction with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Buds. The South Korean company didn’t get a good response with its older Samsung Gear Icon X earphones. However, the latest Galaxy Buds are expected to give the first-generation Apple AirPods a run for its money. To find out whether its true or not and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Cairo price, continue reading.

Small Attractive Design with Touch Controls

Just like the Apple AirPods, users get a pill-shaped case with the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Although it’s plastic, the case looks quite premium and can be found in three different colors: white, black and yellow. The earbuds itself is quite small and each of the buds weighs about 6 grams. To make sure users can the Samsung Galaxy Buds Egypt Pricemusic and answer/end calls, there are touchpads included on both earbuds. Just like the earphones included with the phones, this earbud has been tuned by AKG Acoustics as well which is now actually a part of Samsung. Users won’t have any problem wearing these earbuds even during exercise as three different sizes of wing tips and ear tips will be included with the earbuds. People loved the pearlescent white color of the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus and a part of the Samsung Galaxy Buds look similar as it includes pearlescent plastics. However, the touch control doesn’t always work the way its intended to and requires some getting used to.

Decent Battery Life

According to Samsung, users should get up to 13 hours of battery life when you are using the earbuds with the charger and one charge should offer up to six hours of battery life. Moreover, users can enjoy music for 1.7 hours after just charging the earbuds for 15-minute with the case. This claim from Samsung turned out to be true even though a 58mAh battery in the buds sounds quite small. For those of you who are using the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or the latest Samsung S10 phones including the Samsung Galaxy S10E, you will be able to charge the case using your phone thanks to the wireless charging support. Samsung Galaxy Buds Cairo Price

Dedicated Samsung Galaxy Buds App

Some of the features can be easily controlled using the dedicated Samsung Galaxy Buds app including the ‘Ambient Sound’ feature. For those of you who want to be aware of the environment when listening to a song, this feature can balance out outside noises and offer a nice mix of background noise with the music. The earbuds use its built-in microphones to bring in external noise. Users can also try different presets or track down the earbuds incase they are lost using the ‘Find My Earbuds’ feature. The Galaxy Buds will play a noise which will make it easy for you to find the buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Cairo Price

One of the best parts of these buds is definitely the Samsung Galaxy Buds Cairo price tag. These earbuds are cheaper than the Apple AirPods and is available for about EGP 2300 at the moment.

Things we loved about the Samsung Galaxy Buds:

  • Small, comfortable and easy to use
  • Special features like Ambient Noise
  • Easy connectivity and wireless charging support

Things we didn’t like about the earbuds:

  • Ambient sound feature is not polished enough
  • Touch controls sometimes require precision

Description for Samsung Galaxy Buds

  • The galaxy buds2 earbuds with charging case, anc and sound customization, graphite, r177nzkamea, small r177nzkamea Headphones & Earphone is manufactured by SAMSUNG and was added around September 2021.
  • This version of the Headphones & Earphone comes in Color : Graphite , Special Features : Wireless , Headphone Type : In ear.

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