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Price of the LG G6 Mini in Cairo, Egypt

LG has recently launched the flagship LG G6 and there are already leaks and rumors roaming around about an upcoming mini version of the flagship titled as the LG G6 Mini. It’s not really a mini phone like the title suggests. As usual, let’s take a look at the LG G6 Mini Cairo price before we get to the specs. The LG G6 Mini is expected to cost around 9600 to 11500 EGP when it’s here. Continue reading to find out more about this phone including the specs and LG G6 Mini release date Egypt.

5.4-inch Display

If the title already didn’t give it away, the LG G6 Mini will feature a smaller screen compared to the LG G6, a 5.4-inch screen. It’s not really small as most of the small phones usually feature a 5.0-inch screens or smaller than that. The LG G6 Mini release date Egyptleaked pictures of this phone made it clear that this phone is designed to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus as the screen-to-body ratio will be under 80%. It was only a matter of time for other smartphone makers to follow that near bezel less design and that’s what the LG G6 Mini is heading to. It won’t be as expensive as the Samsung phones which is visible from the LG G6 Mini Cairo price we have assumed.

Dual 13-Megapixel Rear Camera

Another notable feature of the LG G6 Mini is its camera which won’t be downgraded from the one packed in the LG G6. It will be the same 13-megapixel dual camera with one of the cameras packing Optical Image Stabilization, f/1.8 and 71-degree field of view while the other 13-megapixel one is a wide-angle camera with no OIS. Both of these cameras are capable of capturing 2160p videos. The front camera is a 5-megapixel one with 100-degree field of view. It’s slightly disappointing as most of the flagship phones are packing 8-megapixel front cameras these days. There is the Oppo F1s and OnePlus 3T if you are looking for a phone with good front facing camera. These are already available LG G6 Mini Cairo Pricewhich means you don’t have to wait for the LG G6 Mini release date Egypt.

Decent Battery Size

At this point, we don’t know much about the specs as nothing has been officially revealed yet. The LG G6 Mini version is expected to show up with most of the features included in the LG G6 which is how we are guessing that the Mini version will show up with a good battery. Some of the other expected features are: quad-core processor, Quick Charge 3.0, USB 3.1 port and 4GB of RAM. Right after the LG G6 Mini release date Egypt, you can find this phone in three different colors: black, white and ice platinum.

LG G6 Mini Release Date Egypt

We don’t know much about this phone officially including the release date. However, it’s expected to show up soon, sometimes in the second quarter of 2017. Now that you know the LG G6 Mini Cairo price, all you have to do is wait for the release date.

Things we loved about the LG G6 Mini:

  • Packs the same camera as the LG G6
  • Elegant, almost bezel-less design like the Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Decent battery size

Things we didn’t like about this phone:

  • Not as mini as the title might lead you to believe
  • 18:9 aspect ratio just like the LG G6
  • Doesn’t include stereo speakers

Description for LG G6 Mini

  • The g6 mini Mobile Phone is manufactured by LG and was added around May 2017.
  • This version of the Mobile Phone comes in Sim Cards Slots : Single Sim.

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